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10 June 2010


Lisa N.

I love this post, Anne. I will sorely miss the legs-around-the-middle hugs when they're gone. Thanks for the great read! (And for making me tear up.)

(It's MFA Lisa N., by the way)

Kate Powers

What a great post Anne. I have a hollow bunny and a solid bunny and I too cherish those little legs wrapping around me as his nose nuzzles into my shoulder and I breath him in. I sorely miss being able to carry my 6 year old daughter in that way but instead I now get kisses which she had always been very stingy with and I LOVE YOU MOM notes.


Thanks, Kate. My oldest and I share clothes now! (don't tell her I told you :) ) Happens so fast but love each stage!


Just read this post: boo-hoo!! Mine are still light and airy for the most part. It will be funny when they get to the point where they can lift us! I don't think they'll go for the wrap-around hug though...

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